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Omics Research.

When the clock is ticking and the pressure is on, you need to know that your omics research will deliver results that are both precise and timely. You need the expertise of Allumiqs on your side.


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A flexible and powerful approach to collaboration

Our unified platform brings together sample prep, mass spectrometry, and data analysis. Engage us to support you throughout the entire research process, or bring us on board only for the services you require. Our approach is flexible so we always meet your exact needs.

Sample preparation

Patented sample prep tools for clean, high quality samples combined with strategies and protocols.

Mass spectrometry

Expertise in mass spec with highly flexible, quality-driven, repeatable processes that will save you time.

Data analysis

Bioinformatics and data analysis delivered through a customer portal, powered by the latest in technology, security, and machine learning.

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We offer a range of sample prep tools that will empower you to achieve the cleanest samples possible for mass spec analysis. You can purchase these right now through our online store, or if you’d prefer, you can also request a quote from us for the exact solution you need.