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We shorten time-to-value in your discovery and development pipeline by delivering more than data – we provide direction and dedication to multiomics-driven research. Together, we don’t just build capacity, we advance your science and accelerate your impact.

Allumiqs Capabilities

Integrated omics and mass spec expertise.

We have the latest omics and LC-MS/MS technologies and a deep knowledge base to help you achieve your business and science goals.


Optimized and proven mass spec workflows to analyze, characterize, or identify proteins.

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Explore small molecules, and profile your samples for known and unknown metabolites.

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Data Analytics

We help customers unlock the value and potential of their data with clearer, deeper insights.

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Allumiqs Solutions

Powering the progress of scientists, researchers, and innovators.

In the business of drug development, results can be just as important as scientific breakthroughs. We have reimagined contract research optimization for the capital and resource-intensive discovery of drug targets to deliver meaningful data to you and your stakeholders.


Better sample prep, better data.

We provide the full range of MagReSyn® beads for omics sample prep, empowering you to achieve the best possible LC-MS/MS analysis, data insights, and research outcomes. We routinely use MagReSyn® products as part of our customer solutions.

Allumiqs is an authorized North American distributor of MagReSyn® ultra capacity microparticles.

MagReSyn® SAX

For rapid protein fractionation of proteins by ion exchange & concentration and clean-up of proteins from dilute solutions pre-MS analysis.

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MagReSyn® Hydroxyl

Hydroxyl functional microparticles for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment in various sizes.

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MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC HP

Magnetic microparticles with chelated Zr4 metal ions for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment.

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