by Stoyan Stoychev (PhD), Head of Proteomics, ReSyn Biosciences

We are ReSyn Biosciences and we specialize in high-performance, high-capacity magnetic microsphere products for the most demanding scientific applications.  We aim to improve the reproducibility and automation of mass spec and bioseparation workflows with our proprietary polymer microparticle technology platform.

Our innovation came to life through studying the properties of the novel material and then optimizing it to achieve the highest possible capacity for the capture of proteins and superior performance over traditional bead methods. 

Our patented MagReSyn magnetic bead technology that integrates a hyper-porous polymer material, together with a strong ferromagnetic core, is a combination that won a Best New Product Award at the prestigious Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS).

ReSyn Biosciences was a collaborative effort from the beginning.  We operate on the principle of open science and our worldwide collaborations with life sciences researchers have been invaluable in advancing our product suite.  We are transparent about our buffer combinations and have created an extensive method library with over 200 peer-revised publications as well as methods and application notes, all cataloged for easy browsing.

Why customers choose MagReSyn magnetic beads:

  • Eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment
  • Linear scaling for sample number and quantity
  • Integration into automated workflows
  • The increased surface area boosts capacity and improves sensitivity
  • Multi-point attachment reduces leading and preserves enzyme activity
  • Encapsulated magnetic core prevents sample contamination

We are committed to constant innovation, a must in the dynamic and rapidly progressing world of omics and mass spec.  We continue to expand our product portfolio, including the MagResyn Streptavidin line with a new Streptavidin HP version in the works.  This MagResyn product is engineered for direct on-bead digestion to improve target recovery and protocol efficiency.  It helps users achieve >95% reduction in contaminating Streptavidin peptides, with retention in capacity of over 80%.  Stay tuned we’ll be launching Streptavidin HP in the Allumiqs store soon!

We are excited to be partnering with Allumiqs to bring our magnetic bead technology to more customers in North America.  ReSyn Biosciences and Allumiqs are aligned in bringing simpler, better, and faster sample prep techniques and tools to omics researchers to help advance scientific discovery.