Do you have an automated solution?

A 96 well-plate version of the ProTrap XG is a part of our product pipeline. Contact us for updates regarding product availability and more.

Do you have published research results?

Our co-founder, Alan Doucette, and his team at Dalhousie University regularly publish research posters and papers featuring the ProTrap XG. You can view these at any time in our Posters and Publications online library.

Do you sell a kit with reagents?

Our first ProTrap XG reagent kit for bottom-up serum/plasma sample prep is about to launch. We have trial kits available at a discounted rate for early adopters. To get your trial kit contact OR go to our online store.

How does the ProTrap need to be stored?

The ProTrap requires no special storage conditions, whatsoever.

What quantities is the ProTrap XG sold in?

The ProTrap XG is available in packs of 10, 50, or 100, however customized quantities can be made available upon request. Reach out to us at to discuss options.