ProTrap HT 96-Well Plates

High throughput, high quality samples for mass spec analysis

ProTrap technology is now available in high throughput automatable 96-well plates that enable the same efficient, reproducible, and high quality sample preparation as our individual ProTrap filtration cartridges.

The ProTrap HT 96-Well Plates are accelerating the pace of science, enabling efficient, reproducible, high quality protein sample prep.  To get you started we provide a base protocol as well as a serum/plasma protocol, both of which have been optimized by the team at our embedded CRO.

For max flexibility we offer our 96-well plates in these packaging configurations:

Cat. No. PWP-R001 1PK ProTrap HT + serum/plasma reagents
1 plate with SDS Buffer and Digestion Buffer – a good way to try the plate in your workflow

Cat. No. PWP-R002 5PK ProTrap HT + serum/plasma reagents
5 plates bundled with SDS Buffer and Digestion Buffer

Cat. No. PWP-1001 5PK ProTrap HT 96-Well Plates

The ProTrap HT filter plates can help you:

  • Remove a high level of SDS detrimental to the outcomes of downstream mass spec analysis
  • Perform filtration, precipitation, and digestion
  • Enhance the confidence in the identification of low abundance proteins
  • Achieve confident identification of low-level protein
  • Prepare biological samples with a wide dynamic range
  • Realize highly reproducible results