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Efficient & Simple Sample Prep Kits

Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit

Sample preparation is critical to mass spec analysis.  You can easily achieve efficient extraction, purification, and clean up your proteins of interest with our kits.

Our new Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit helps you simplify and speed up the sample prep portion of your workflow.  Designed to prepare 10 samples this kit contains ProTrap XG universal filtration cartridges and ready-to-use reagents, in combination with our optimized protocol.

This kit is ideal for researchers with small batches or pilot projects.  Core facilities and contract research organizations (CROs) that want to equip researchers with a consistent method for sample prep prior to submission will also benefit from this convenient sample prep kit.  Put the power of easy, reproducible, and fast sample prep in the hands of your research customers.  Ask us about volume discounts on these kits for core facilities.

Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit PXG-R001

The ProTrap Serum/Plasma Prep Kit can help you:

  • Remove a high level of SDS detrimental to the outcomes of downstream mass spec analysis
  • Perform filtration, precipitation, and digestion in a single device
  • Enhance the confidence in the identification of low abundance proteins
  • Achieve confident identification of low-level protein
  • Prepare biological samples with a wide dynamic range
  • Realize highly reproducible results

Learn more about the Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit and our bulk reagents in our latest blog – Fast Track Serum/Plasma Workflows