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Proteoform Scientific Joins Forces with PhenoSwitch Bioscience

New alliance focused on expanding multiomics and data analytics solutions

Halifax, NS – February 28, 2022 – Proteoform Scientific, a proteomics sample preparation technology developer and manufacturer, announced today that it is joining forces with PhenoSwitch Bioscience, an industry-leading bioanalytical contract research organization (CRO).   The combined entity will help accelerate the pace of biotech and biopharma discoveries with a unique, end-to-end multiomics, mass spectrometry, and data analytics offering. 

“We are committed to investing in omics innovation and the addition of PhenoSwitch is an excellent strategic fit with our growth plans and existing technology,” said Proteoform Scientific Board Chairman, Peter Hickey.  “I look forward to welcoming the PhenoSwitch team onboard and continuing to deepen and expand our capabilities in this exploding market space.”

PhenoSwitch has built a strong reputation in the biotech and biopharma industry, collaborating with customer R&D teams at the preclinical stage to speed up the development path from the lab bench to the patient bedside.  The Company delivers valuable omics and mass spec expertise, that customers typically do not focus on internally, to advance new drugs, biomarker discovery, and other omics-based healthcare solutions. 

“We are excited about joining Proteoform and continuing to develop products, services, and solutions that help our customers elevate their research,” said Hugo Gagnon, CEO, PhenoSwitch Biosciences.  “In building PhenoSwitch over the past 10 years, we know that customers are looking for a trusted collaborator to broaden their research capacity, improve the pace of development, and deliver quality results.  Together with Proteoform, we can deliver even more value in sample prep, mass spec, and data analytics, bringing all of those key elements together in a seamless customer experience.”

This alliance significantly advances Proteoform Scientific’s market impact.  PhenoSwitch adds complementary extensions to Proteoform’s patented proteomics sample preparation technology platform with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry services and expert knowledge base, as well as insightful data analytics that deliver clarity in research outcomes. 

“Our two companies began collaborating in 2021 and found a great synergy early on that progressed to us looking for ways to continue our growth as one organization,” said Kent MacLean, CEO, Proteoform Scientific.  “Together, we’ll integrate key business functions while expanding our solutions and product mix to meet the exponential growth of biotech and biopharma companies pursuing new precision medicine and omics-based discoveries.”

About PhenoSwitch Bioscience

PhenoSwitch Bioscience is a contract research organization based in Sherbrooke, Québec, that provides expert mass spectrometry services to major actors in biopharmaceutical sciences and academic research.  The Company has developed unmatched expertise in label-free quantitative proteomics, along with targeted and untargeted lipidomics or metabolomics analyses, small molecule quantification and biologics characterization packages. PhenoSwitch Bioscience also has a thriving R&D department that works on increasing throughput and developing new products and services, using the power of bioinformatics. For more information visit

About Proteoform Scientific

Proteoform Scientific, headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia is a developer and manufacturer of strategies and solutions for proteomics sample preparation.  The Company’s flagship product is the ProTrap XG, a patented technology platform that overcomes many of the throughput and time challenges and processing complexities associated with sample preparation for mass spectrometry analysis.  Proteoform has a pipeline of omics sample prep solutions in development and an established global sales distribution network.  For more information visit