Reimagine omics sample prep with us

We provide a range of omics sample prep tools, strategies, and protocols that empower researchers to achieve the best possible mass spec results and research outcomes.

The ProTrap XG is a universal disposable filtration and extraction cartridge that takes the guesswork out of precipitation and sample prep.

Our solution brings together reimagined protocols and the easy-to-use ProTrap XG tool to generate highly purified, consistent, and reproducible samples, all at an accelerated pace.

We offer the ProTrap XG and other sample prep tools through our online store.


Introducing ultra fast protein sample prep

High throughput, high quality samples for mass spec analysis ProTrap technology is now available in high throughput automatable 96-well plates that enable the same efficient, reproducible, and high quality sample preparation as our individual ProTrap filtration cartridges. The ProTrap HT 96-Well Plates are accelerating the pace of science, enabling efficient, reproducible, high quality protein sample … Continued

Efficient & Simple Sample Prep Kits

Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit Sample preparation is critical to mass spec analysis.  You can easily achieve efficient extraction, purification, and clean up your proteins of interest with our kits. Our new Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit helps you simplify and speed up the sample prep portion of your workflow.  Designed to prepare 10 samples this kit … Continued

ProTrap XG

The ProTrap XG tool eliminates tedious pipetting steps, offering consistency, method transferability, and versatility in the sample prep process.

Magnetic Beads

ReSyn Biosciences currently offers a portfolio of innovative magnetic microparticle products, MagReSyn®, designed to specifically address the requirements of bioseparation, mass spectrometry and proteomics sample preparation.

We Do Top-Down Too

Our innovative protocols together with the ProTrap XG device brings the power of protein precipitation to researchers using top-down workflows to advance precision medicine, diagnostics, and therapies.