PhenoSwitch Bioscience is now Allumiqs.

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Scientific Collaborations

We want to work with researchers skilled in mass spectrometry sample preparation on studies using your current methodology and comparing it to ProTrap processed samples.

Our research partners would provide defined clinical or biological samples and expertise in a current best practice for sample preparation for mass spectrometry, as well as proper research ethics approval. Proteoform Scientific would provide ProTrap devices, as well as support and any troubleshooting required during the development of the new process.

Our collaborative endeavours could be funded by academic-industry partnership grants and we would work together to develop the grant applications.

We envision short-term projects with outcomes that may include posters to be presented at virtual or in-person conferences, white papers for distribution to ProTrap users and potential customers, or peer-reviewed published articles.

We look forward to hearing about your research and how we may be able to work on a project together. Get in touch with Victoria Miller, Senior Scientist for further discussion. E. or T. 902 442 4664