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MagReSyn® Streptavidin


MagReSyn Streptavidin magnetic beads contain covalently coupled streptavidin for the enrichment of biotinylated molecules. The porous nature of the polymer technology allows for exceptional streptavidin capacity, translating into increased power for the immobilization/capture of biotinylated biomolecules. The high streptavidin load allows the use of as little as 10 µl beads, improving experimental miniaturization for high-throughput automated analysis. 



High capacity for capture of biotinylated molecules

Molecular applications of MagReSyn® Streptavidin magnetic beads include, protein immobilization and purification; nucleic acid capture assays and preparation of single-stranded DNA templates for e.g. SELEX and pyrosequencing. The immobilization of biotinylated antibodies may subsequently be used in e.g. immunoassay.

Please review the extensive range of application notes and posters to see how MagReSyn® Streptavidin can be used for your sample preparation in the ReSyn Biosciences Method Library.

Support: Proprietary polymer microparticles containing iron oxide (magnetite) with immobilised Streptavidin
Binding capacity (DNA): > 30 000 (Biotinylated oligo, 25-mer)
Binding capacity (Protein): > 3 (Biotinylated IgG)
Bead size: ~5-10 µm average
Formulation: 10 suspension in sodium phosphate buffer

Material Safety Data Sheet US

*Allumiqs only distributes MagResyn products in Canada and United States. If you are not located in these regions, please visit the MagResyn website for more information.

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Sizes Available

2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml

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