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MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC


MagResyn Zr-IMAC magnetic microspheres carry chelated Zr4+ metal ions for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment.



Magnetic microparticles with chelated Zr4+ metal ions for highly-specific phosphopeptide enrichment

The classic Zr-IMAC used for phosphopeptide enrichment. Now with optimized protocols enabling improved enrichment efficiency with high specificity (refer application note).

Please review the extensive range of application notes and posters to see how MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC can be used for your sample preparation in the ReSyn Biosciences Method Library.

Support: Proprietary polymer microparticles containing iron oxide (magnetite)
Bead size: ~5-10 µm
Formulation: 20 suspension in 20% ethanol

Material Safety Data Sheet US

*Allumiqs only distributes MagResyn products in Canada and United States. If you are not located in these regions, please visit the MagResyn website for more information.

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Sizes Available

2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml