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Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit


Achieve efficient extraction, purification, and clean up your proteins of interest with our Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit.  Designed to prepare 10 samples, this kit simplifies the sample prep portion of your workflow with ProTrap XG universal filtration cartridges and ready-to-use reagents, in combination with our optimized protocol.



The kit contains ready-to-use reagents, ProTrap XG universal sample prep cartridges, and our optimized Serum/Plasma Sample Prep protocol for 10 samples.

The ProTrap XG can help you:
– Remove a high level of SDS detrimental to outcomes of downstream MS analysis
– Perform filtration, precipitation, and digestion in a single device
– Achieve confident identification of low-level protein
– Prepare biological samples with a wide dynamic range
– Realize highly reproducible results, all at an accelerated pace