Accelerating the pace of science

Our primary goal is to address the complex problems of basic research by providing cost-effective, efficient, and bold solutions that accelerate discovery and publication.

Allumiqs provides the essential omics research tools you need to elevate the quality, reliability, and pace of your research. Our collaborative approach means you have additional expertise on your team, dedicated to your success—from initial experiment design, to final data report. So you can be more confident than ever in your research process and results.


Powerful layers for deeper insights

We deliver a unified platform and remove the burden of integrating siloed tools and solutions.  Our solutions are highly flexible and adaptable to our customers’ research goals. We work as a collaborator, blending our expertise and tools with the customers’ core focus for results.

A Unified Solution

Sample Prep Tools

Sample prep tools, including reagent kits, automated well plate solutions for high throughput clinical markets, and complementary workflow consumables.

Mass Spectrometry Services & Expertise

Multiomics mass spec sample processing, experiment design, and expertise driven by quality, flexibility, and reproducibility.

Data Analytics

An analytics platform designed on the latest technology, security and AI to take our customers beyond raw data to the true value of their research results.