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Allumiqs + Prolytix: The Solutions Difference.

Our partnership helps our customers optimize their drug development pipelines and maximize investment from the early R&D phases through to lot release. Built on a mutual commitment to customer success and a sphere of trust, the Allumiqs + Prolytix innovation partnership integrates key processes and solutions so you can focus on your discovery and derisk transferring R&D between unknown vendors.

Simply put, this collaboration allows you to access unrivaled experts in both the discovery phase and the validated parts of your project, all in one place.


Comprehensive bioanalytical support for your discovery and development journey

From early phase discovery to the clinic, Allumiqs + Prolytix provide the comprehensive bioanalytical solutions you need. We listen and understand the intricacies and uniqueness of your research goals and offer tailored solutions to help move you forward and deliver the data you need to make weighty decisions.

  • PTM Characterization
  • N-Glycan Analysis
  • Capsid Characterization
  • Sequence Variant Analysis
  • HCP Analysis

How it works

The combined power of partnership for faster and stronger science outcomes.

We work collaboratively with a broad range of customers. Here’s an example:

Our customer had preliminary data suggesting that a biological extract of a certain tissue could have a therapeutic effect on a specific disease. To push this product farther along the development pipeline, the customer needed to answer a long list of questions on the mechanism of action, the active ingredient(s) in the extract, the biological variability from donor matrix to donor matrix, the stability of the extract over time, what would be a good PD biomarker, what should be monitored to release a batch of drug product and many more.

The Allumiqs + Prolytix partnership helped bridge the many gaps between early R&D and validated analyses by having all the experts around the same table.

A three-way collaboration between the customer, Allumiqs, and Prolytix started with a roundtable discussion on the needs of the project and the establishment of a scientific design for the study. Using mass spectrometry, Allumiqs brought many answers on the biological effects of the drug while also providing insights into the molecular composition of the extract. This knowledge was then transferred to Prolytix for validated method development for stability assays and lot release. And since everything was done within the same circle of collaborators, the customer gained speed, agility, cost efficiencies, and scientific insights as everyone was in lockstep at each stage of the project.


A shared dedication to quality data insights that take customers beyond the ordinary.

35+ years of experience determining complex analytes in biological matrices, combined with a deep understanding of customer needs, sets Prolytix apart as a collaborator.  With a solid foundation of ISO compliance, GMP facilities, and well-defined PMP-based project management, Prolytix helps customers navigate critical stages of their drug development.

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