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The combined power of technology and omics expertise.

We invest in technology so you don’t have to. Our lab houses the latest technology and instruments in the industry and we’re always adding more.

Our Lab Equipment

Seer Proteograph™ Product Suite

Seer’s new technology and nanoparticle-based approach enables broader and deeper protein discoveries. High-throughput and robust proteomics without compromising protein depth, accuracy, or precision.

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Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris™ 480 

A quantitative high-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LC-MS) with sensitivity and selectivity to deliver depth of analysis to the lowest levels with high quantitative accuracy and precision.

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SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 System

A high-resolution mass spectrometry solution that combines powerful MS/MS sensitivity, fragmentation technology, and a step-change in data independent acquisition.

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SCIEX TripleTOF® 6600+ System

The perfect combination of speed, sensitivity, and high resolution for omics studies. Also very well suited for intact protein analysis, antibody characterization, and other omics studies, such as metabolomics and lipidomics

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Shimadzu Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS 8060

One of the fastest and most sensitive machines available. As an example, it can quantify 105 pesticides in a single run, using polarity switching with a cycle time <400 ms. This machine is ideal for experiments where sensitivity and throughput are critical.

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Shimadzu Nexera XR

This ultra high performance liquid chromatograph (UHPLC) is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. Its very stable and well-tested operating capabilities make it an ideal LC system for mass spectrometry. With an impressive choice of separation columns, this HPLC is the logical choice to complement the sensitivity and speed of our LCMS-8060 mass spectrometer.

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Hamilton Microlab® Prep™

Hamilton’s Microlab Prep is a dependable automation technology packed into the smallest footprint. This mini liquid handling workstation fits into pipetting workflows without sacrificing benchtop space.

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Tecan Resolvex® A200

A positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) workstation brings control and reproducibility to the cleaning step of sample preparation. Its innovative technology enables for a precise control of the pressure in each well independently. This means that the loading, washing, and elution speed of the protocol will be the same for every single well. As a result, the sample preparation variability will be greatly reduced. This system is compatible with using more than one kind of SPE chemistry at once.

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Sample prep tools

Reimagine proteomics sample prep.

We provide a range of omics sample prep tools, strategies, and protocols that empower researchers to achieve the best possible mass spec results and research outcomes.

ProTrap HT 96-Well Plate

High throughput, high quality samples for mass spec analysis ProTrap technology is now available in high throughput automatable 96-well plates

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ProTrap XG Universal Filtration Cartridge

The ProTrap XG tool eliminates tedious pipetting steps, offering consistency, method transferability, and versatility in the sample prep process.

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MagReSyn® Magnetic Microparticles

We are a North American distributor for MagReSyn® products, designed for bioseparation, mass spectrometry and proteomics sample preparation.

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