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Targeted Quantification

Precision and sensitivity in one box.

Quantify one or up to several hundred molecules in our very sensitive and incredibly fast triple quadrupole (QQQ) system.

Working with biological material often means going after small molecules whose concentrations are very, very low. At other times, one might try to quantify several molecules in one experiment that are not so low in concentration but possess very different chemical structures. In both cases, much care needs to be put into the method development to meet the user’s goal.

In the past years, the experts at Allumiqs spent a lot of time and effort to develop very sensitive, yet fast methods to quantify metabolites, lipids, peptides, hormones, and many more from a myriad of different matrices. The sensitivity of the triple quadrupole instruments system is the key that allows the quantification of up to several hundreds of molecules at an incredibly fast pace. 

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