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Biology is complex, we make it make sense.

Get the big picture by combining proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics data. Use the unparalleled power of LC-MS/MS to profile and quantify proteins, lipids, and/or metabolites in your samples.

Are you ready for more insight?

Get a view that’s broader, deeper, and more informed.

For example, analyzing interaction networks, signaling pathways, and enzymatic cascades (hi Krebs cycle!) one piece at a time, was essential to build a complete map of a cell’s biological processes. 

For many years, genomics and transcriptomics have been the go-to methods to get global insights into the biology of diseases and treatment drugs.  

With recent technological and scientific advances in mass spectrometry, your research is no longer limited to only DNA and RNA. The use of a combination of untargeted proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics can help you uncover unforeseen interactions between different families of molecules. 

How we work

Let’s build a project together.

Multiomics projects are by definition very intricate. Our experts schedule a call with you and your team to discuss your project and understand your goals. From there we build a project plan for your review that includes appropriate combinations of proteomics, lipidomics, and/or metabolomics and a workflow that we all agree on.

  • Understand your goals
  • Tailor a project plan
  • Dedicate our team of experts
  • Optimize workflows
  • Deliver new data insights

Multiomics Analysis

Tell a richer research story with a layered approach

Using our top-of-the-line mass spectrometers and unmatched knowledge, we get quantitative information out of your samples for different types of molecules. Once the runs are qualified, a preliminary analysis is done for each type of omics, ensuring that the data we go forward with has been normalized and passed our quality threshold. At this stage, advanced statistical analyses might be included to highlight interesting features within a single omics analysis.  

Here is where the fun begins! Pre-analyzed omics data is merged together using advanced bioinformatic workflows. At this point, we could also include any other datasets that you have (such as metadata or genomics/transcriptomics studies) to the analysis. There are many factors that can introduce bias in the results, so we pay particular attention to data normalization to help reduce the background noise and provide informative multivariate analyses that will create different groups or molecular signatures within your experiment. 

Our Omics Capabilities


Get quantitative data for up to 6500 proteins in your samples with our label-free quantitative proteomics workflow.

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Get in-depth profiling of many classes of biologically relevant lipids using our high resolution instruments.

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Sample profiling using either untargeted metabolomics or selected panels of targeted metabolites is the best technique.

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Data Analytics

We help customers unlock the value and potential of their data with clearer, deeper insights.

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