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Leverage our one-of-a-kind ecosystem with world class experts, connected technologies, and strategic partners to help advance your biomarker discovery goals.

Our Capabilities


Get quantitative data for up to 6500 proteins in your samples with our label-free quantitative proteomics workflow.

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Sample profiling using either untargeted metabolomics or selected panels of targeted metabolites is the best technique.

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Get in-depth profiling of many classes of biologically relevant lipids using our high resolution instruments.

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Get the big picture by combining proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics data.

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Protein Analysis

Whether you want to identify, characterize, map, or quantify one or many proteins, our team can help advance your research.

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Small Molecule Analysis

Are you performing molecular and cellular biology or working on animal models? Whatever your molecule of interest is, we can help you get quality results, fast.

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Data Analytics

We take customers beyond just raw data, unlocking the value and potential of their results with clearer, deeper insights.

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Sample Prep

We offer customers the opportunity to use our optimized protocols, well plates, and reagents in their own sample prep workflows.

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Allumiqs’ labs

Tap in to cutting-edge technologies

Our labs in Sherbrooke and Halifax house the latest in omics and mass spec technology and we can access additional technologies through our partner network.

Quality Commitment

Our team embraces quality in all that we do.

We are committed to delivering quality solutions with outstanding value. There are quality control steps throughout our solution delivery, from the initial experiment design to the interpretation of the final data report. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement and upholding the highest laboratory standards.

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