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Small Molecule Analysis

High resolution and high sensitivity mass spectrometry.

Our LC-MS/MS solutions, including high throughput analyses, is capable of profiling thousands of molecules at once or performing targeted quantification on a small set of molecules of interest. Our technology can help with obtaining a high- quality result in a shorter time while analyzing a vast range of molecules. 

Targeted Quantification

Precision and sensitivity in one box

Quantify one or up to several hundred molecules in our very sensitive and incredibly fast triple quadrupole (QQQ) system.

Working with biological material often means going after small molecules whose concentrations are very, very low. At other times, one might try to quantify several molecules in one experiment that are not so low in concentration but possess very different chemical structures. In both cases, much care needs to be put into the method development to meet the user’s goal.

In the past years, the experts at Allumiqs spent a lot of time and effort to develop very sensitive, yet fast methods to quantify metabolites, lipids, peptides, hormones, and many more from a myriad of different matrices. The sensitivity of the triple quadrupole instruments system is the key that allows quantification of up to several hundreds of molecules at an incredibly fast pace. 

Drug Target Identification

Modify, crosslink, and identify

Do you have a drug that induces the desired phenotype but with an unknown molecular target? Use the combined power of medicinal chemistry and mass spectrometry to discover the target of your drug of interest.

Drug target identification is the first and foremost step in the process of drug discovery. This step could be very laborious due to the complexity of molecular interactions.  

However, using a clever combination of medicinal chemistry, well-designed protocols, and mass spectrometry, can greatly enhance your chances of success. 

At Allumiqs lab we can assist you in synthesizing your drug of interest with reactive groups (if needed) and then designing an experiment based on your research goals and hypothesis.  

The following is the step-by-step experimental workflow to assist you in your drug discovery journey: 

  1. Incubate the drug and crosslink; 
  2. Purify the drug/target complex from the protein solution;  
  3. Analyze the complex using LC-MS/MS and identify the target 

As a side note, using a quantitative proteomics workflow enables us to get clearer insights into the real target of the drug, as it is compatible with dose-response experiments. This is why we design the protocols in accordance with our label-free quantitative proteomics workflow. 

High Resolution Exact Mass

When you need precision get the time-of-flight (TOF) resolution

Our high-resolution instruments are at your service. Whether you need your molecule separated from others or not, we can provide an exact mass analysis of your compound with or without chromatographic separation.

Drug Mechanism of Action (MOA)

Combine different techniques, discover hidden trends.

In-depth analysis and out-of-the-box thinking is the key to success in complex scientific research. Using a combination of different mass spectrometry tools, advanced data crunching, and gene ontology analyses, we can help you identify pathways affected by your drugs or treatment.

Depending on the parameters of your project, our experts will build a study design that will address your needs using appropriate MS workflows and data science tools with one goal in mind: to identify the mechanism of action of your drug.

Bioanalysis PK/PD

Monitor your compound with confidence

Over the years, our scientists have developed numerous pre-clinical targeted LC-MS/MS methods to quantify small molecules, peptides, or biologics in several complex organisms. Whether you want to understand your drug’s pharmacokinetics (PK) or its pharmacodynamics (PD) by quantifying a known biomarker, our team will walk you through the available options and provide the data you need to push your product further.

Personalized LC-MS/MS method development

We have an extensive catalog of developed methods, and we can develop or adapt a method specifically for your study. Our customized LC-MS/MS method development will ensure the proper detection and quantification of your compound.

Additional Allumiqs Capabilities


Get quantitative data for up to 6500 proteins in your samples with our label-free quantitative proteomics workflow.

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Sample profiling using either untargeted metabolomics or selected panels of targeted metabolites is the best technique.

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Get in-depth profiling of many classes of biologically relevant lipids using our high resolution instruments.

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Data Analysis

We help customers unlock the value and potential of their data with clearer, deeper insights.

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