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Nine Good Reasons to Live in Sherbrooke

Why should you choose Sherbrooke?

Choosing the place where you want to establish your roots can be a difficult decision. Whether it’s to move your family, to get a new job, or simply to change your environment, it’s a decision that leaves no one indifferent.

Will I have access to my favorite activities? Will I have all the necessary services nearby? Is it a place where I can settle my family? What about the cost of living? What about the schools for my kids? What about job prospects? Salaries?

Although my opinion on the subject is most likely biased, let me tell you why you should consider moving to Sherbrooke!

The Great Outdoors

When you say Sherbrooke, you think of wide open spaces! Trails, bike paths near waterways, more than 200 parks and green spaces as well as easy access to national parks within a 45-minute drive of the city. Here are some of our favorite places:

Beckett Woods (Le Bois Beckett)

Beckett Woods Park is a large wooded area of approximately 1.4 square kilometers. It’s an old growth forest where the oldest tree is said to be over 300 years old! This park includes more than 6 kilometers of marked and maintained hiking trails where it is possible to come across more than 100 species of birds and more than 200 different plant species. Not to mention the few deer that have found refuge there!

Also on the grounds of the park is the Caroline Brown Community Garden, where you can grow your own vegetables! Here is how to get there!

Jacques-Cartier Park

Located near downtown, Jacques-Cartier Park is composed of grassy areas, playgrounds for children and a 3.7 kilometer walkway that circles the magnificent Lac des Nations! The park hosts several events each year, such as races, including a Half-Marathon, The Fête du Lac des Nations and the Sherbrooke Carnaval, to name a few.

On the other side of the promenade is the Marché de la Gare, where you can find the Boucherie du Terroir which offers a multitude of local products, as well as the Savo, an excellent Italian bistro with a delicious gelato bar and a magnificent terrace.

Mount Orford National Park

Mount Orford National Park is a must for fans of snow sports, golf, hiking and outdoor activities. With its 853-metre summit, more than 80 kilometers of trails and located 30 minutes from Sherbrooke, hiking is a must-do activity at the mountain.

Several events are held here each year, such as the Festival La Grande Coulée, and the Flambée des Couleurs.

Mount Bellevue Park

A mountain in the heart of the city, located near Sherbrooke University. In winter, it is possible to go snow tubing, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing, all within the city. The site also offers mountain biking, hiking, archery and even tennis courts.


With an area of just over 367 square kilometers, two highways that circle the city and Route 112 that passes right through the heart of the city, you can say that Sherbrooke is a 20-minute drive from everything! The public transportation offered by the STS buses is affordable and the network of bicycle paths is constantly growing.

In addition, Sherbrooke is located less than two hours by car from Montreal, about 2.5 hours from Quebec City, 1.5 hours from Trois-Rivières and less than 45 minutes from the U.S. border in Stanstead.

The Cost of Living

According to a ranking published on Slice in 2021, Sherbrooke ranks as the second most affordable city in Canada to live in. Comparing the cost of living between Sherbrooke and Montreal on the Numbeo website, you can see that the cost of living is about 30% lower in the Eastern Townships than in the Montreal area.

Furthermore, an unemployment rate in the Eastern Townships of 3.1% in June 2022 means that many quality jobs are available in the Eastern Townships, in all fields. Some of these jobs are at Allumiqs!

Cultural & Sporting Lifestyle

With its museums, theaters, events or 18 murals, Sherbrooke is rich in culture! Here are some of my favorites:

Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts

Housed in the magnificent 19th century Eastern Townships Bank building, the mission of the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts is to preserve and disseminate the works of Eastern Townships artists. The permanent exhibition Spaces & Landscapes showcases the museum’s collection, including the works of painter Frederick Simpson Coburn (1871-1960). Check out their current exhibitions here!

Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Sciences

Located in a former textile manufacturing plant, the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science’s mission is to make the discovery of nature, science and the richness of their cultural heritage collections accessible to all. Check out their current exhibitions!

Festival des Traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke

Since 1998, le Festival des Traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke is an event that takes place in the parking lot of the Centre Julien-Ducharme in the borough of Fleurimont. It is five days of festivities where it is possible to discover other cultures through thematic pavilions, shows, boutiques, and multiple restaurants.

Sherbrooke Phoenix

The Sherbrooke Phoenix is a major junior hockey team that plays in the QMJHL. The team has made its home at the Palais des Sports Léopold-Drolet since the 2012 season. With 34 home games per season, the team can welcome up to 3,646 fans for its games and offers a quality experience to Sherbrooke hockey fans, combining elite ice hockey with a quality show, in an amphitheater with a modern look.

Food (& Beer)

With its many restaurants, microbreweries and bars, Sherbrooke has a lot to offer foodies! Delicious poutine from Chez Louis or the phenomenal Fish & Chip from Siboire Dépôt makes Sherbrooke’s residents mouth water!

Destination Sherbrooke offers an excellent online tool to discover the culinary delights of our city.


The Sherbrooke education system includes over 40 elementary schools (including 3 private), 11 high schools (including 6 private), 3 colleges and 2 universities. All levels of education can be offered in either French or English.

In 2021, Sherbrooke ranked first among the best student cities in Canada according to a survey conducted by The evaluation looked at the living environment, academic excellence, cost of studies, quality of student life and the attractiveness of the city.


What is Sherby Love? Beyond being a simple #Hashtag, it represents the city’s openness and hospitality, coming from those who live here, or those who have lived here. An excellent blog post on the subject is available on the Destination Sherbrooke website.

The Peace & Quiet

Sherbrooke is undoubtedly a city where it is possible to settle down, have fun, get educated and put down roots in a dynamic environment, while being close to nature and tranquility. You can go to the Beauvoir Sanctuary or the Beckett Woods, relax and read a good book at the Èva-Sénécal library, while being close to activities such as a Sherbrooke Phoenix game or a show at the Granada Theatre. The advantages of a big city, close to the peace and quiet!

Personal & Professional Growth Awaits

Allumiqs offers career opportunities in Sherbrooke, in a stimulating and dynamic environment. As a part of our team, you can enjoy work-life balance with on-site, hybrid, and telecommuting work options. At Allumiqs, you can be involved in the early stages of developing new life-changing drugs, participate in exciting biotech research, or help launch new natural and/or pharmacological products. That’s exactly what we do at Allumiqs. We look forward to meeting you in Sherbrooke!