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HT Proteomics to Validate New Drug Development

SCIEX Webinar: High-throughput Proteomics in Drug Development with Zeno SWATH DIA for PROTAC Screening and CRISPR Validation Applications

by Hugo Gagnon, CSO, Allumiqs

The amazing complexity of cellular networks is still not fully understood and therefore modifying a single gene to treat a patient can have various effects that need to be determined. Answering the questions of what is happening, and to which extent it is happening requires an untargeted and very sensitive approach. State-of-the-art, highly sensitive Zeno SWATH DIA can determine off- and on-target effects with unprecedented depth and short injection-to-injection times allowing necessary throughput. Here, Hugo discusses experimental design, depth of analysis, target coverage, and statistical challenges to help biopharmaceutical drug developers ensure safe and efficient gene therapy products.