PhenoSwitch Bioscience is now Allumiqs.

Sample Prep Tools

Reimagine omics sample prep with us

We provide a range of omics sample prep tools, strategies, and protocols that empower researchers to achieve the best possible mass spec results and research outcomes.

Ultra Capacity Microparticles Mag Beads

Magnetic Beads

We are the North American distributor for MagReSyn magnetic microparticle products.

Proteomics Sample Prep Reagents and Tools

Sample Prep Reagents & Tools

Ultra fast protein sample prep plates, efficient and simple sample prep kits, and bulk reagents.

Stable Isotope Labelled SIL Proteins

Stable Isotope Labelled (SIL) Proteins & Biotherapies Monitoring

We are a North American distributor for Promise Proteomics SIL-Proteins and mAbXmise