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New Bulk Reagents & Kits Fast Track Serum/Plasma Workflows with the ProTrap XG Sample Prep Tool

by Victoria Miller, Senior Scientist & Jean-François Noël, R&D Scientist

As Allumiqs and PhenoSwitch Bioscience came together earlier this year one of the key scientific focus areas was integrating the experiences and deep omics knowledgebase from Sherbrooke with the ProTrap XG universal sample prep cartridge.  Lab members from Halifax and Sherbrooke collaborated to create a sample SDS buffer to dilute and denature samples and a companion buffer to provide optimized conditions for the digestion of that cleaned-up sample. The goal was to provide customers with ready-to-use buffers and a sample prep tool to make their serum/plasma proteomics workflows easier and faster. We worked through a myriad of conditions, resulting in buffers that are built on years of experience from the benches of both PhenoSwitch and co-founder, Professor Alan Doucette, along with what we’ve learned from our ProTrap customers.

We’ve come up with a combination that provides consistent results with serum and plasma samples and have formulated different formats for maximum customer flexibility. Additional reagents, protocols, and kits for use with other sample types are in the works.

The ready-to-use Bulk Reagents are ideal for users that already have solvents on hand and do not need to introduce additional solvents to the lab. The sample dilution/denaturation buffer (SDS Buffer) formulation has been optimized for sample protein precipitation, with optimized pH and detergent concentrations so you do not have to worry about removing these chemicals when using the ProTrap XG Filtration Cartridge. The digestion buffer is designed to work well with a Trypsin/Lys-C mix; we provide supplier suggestions in the protocol. In our online store, we offer two sizes to bundle with our 50 and 100-pack sizes of the ProTrap XG filtration cartridges.

Our Serum/Plasma Sample Prep Kit for 10 samples has all the reagents you’ll need to dilute and denture, reduce, alkylate, precipitate, wash, and prepare your sample for digestion. You’ll need to provide the protease (we suggest our favourite provider of Trypsin/Lys-C) for digestion and SPE material.

We are excited to expand our product line to help users experience simplified mass spec sample prep. We love to work with you to find the right solution to your question. Contact us at to engage with our technical support specialists. Tell us what sample types you are having issues with, we’ve got lots of ideas in the development pipeline.

And stay tuned for our next product launch at HUPO 2022!